Monday, 27 July 2015

NYX Macaron Lipstick - Pistachio

NYX have brought out a range of lipsticks in really nice pastel colors, some of them being quite unusual colors like green and blue. I'm a big fan of unusual lipstick colors so I decided to get one of NYX's Macaron Lipsticks or Lippies as they are called on the packaging. I got a glimpse of these on the NYX stand at IMATS in London. The queue was crazy, so I decided to skip looking at the lipsticks. I probably would have been waiting over an hour in that queue. I did find this one of Ebay.

Pistachio is a mint green lipstick and has a really nice creamy formula, quite similar to Lime Crime's lipsticks. It comes in black packaging with a glimpse of the color in the middle. 

I definitely prefer the texture of these to the Lime Crime ones. I like the Lime Crime ones but think these are better. Theres plenty of pigment and they have a nice soft feel to them. If like me you like your color strong and unusual, then these are a great choice. It didn't take me long to build the color up either. Throughout the day I did need to reapply, as some of it had come off.


  1. It looks amazing when you are also wearing that eye colour.


  2. What a great colour. I really like it on you :-D

  3. Green lipstick how very rare. I don't think I would be brave enough to wear it.

    1. You should try it. You can have a lot of fun with color x

  4. An interesting colour, not for me but I can imagine it being a fun look if you are younger than me (I'm an oldie but goodie lol)

  5. I'm not sure I'd be brave enough to wear this myself but I think you can pull it off! It really makes your eyes pop :) xx