Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Inglot Lipstick Palette

At IMATS in London I had a look at the Inglot stand. I've never tried Inglot before, but had seen a lot of their products online. They do a very good color choice, including a good range of lipsticks in almost every color. Inglot like many other brands allow you to refill their compacts with colors in what is called the Freedom System. It's basically empty customizable palettes in a range of different sizes. All of Inglot's products are designed to fit into the Freedom System. 

Both the products and compact are magnetized, allowing for easy moving around. Once the products are in they stay in and don't move unless you move them. I decided to get three different lipstick colors in the 3 product Freedom System. I love unusual colors and was glad to see Inglot did a range of them from blue to yellow. The colors don't have names but are numbered. I got colors 92 (lime green), 93 (teal) and 94 (bright blue). I think this all came to £17.00.

94, 93, 92

All 3 colors have a nice creamy texture to them and they can be built up to get full on intense color. One application was a bit sheer so I just kept applying the color until I got it really opaque. It didn't take me long and the colors were very pigmented. Throuhout the day I did have to reapply them as some had started to come off. It wasn't a lot that had come off, so it wasn't that much that needed reapplying. I wouldn't say these were matte and I wouldn't say they were extremely creamy either. More like a good mix of the two textures. They didn't dry my lips out either.

I really liked the three colors as they were very unusual. For people who like color, Inglot is a good brand choice.





  1. I wish I was daring enough to rock these colour lips!


  2. You really carry off bold colours really well, these look amazing.


  3. They look great on you :-D And nice makeup with them.

    I do like Inglot nail polishes a lot :-D

    1. Thanks. I've never tried their nail polishes x

  4. I'd never heard of this brand so thanks for pointing it out. You're lucky you can pull off such vibrant daring colours x

  5. Much too brave for me but you always apply them so well.

  6. Wow these are so bright and bold I wish I was as brave as you to wear these

    Laura x