Sunday, 5 April 2015

ELF Gotta Glow Blush

Gotta Glow is a blusher from ELF's studio range of blushers. It's more of a highlighting blush and gives a yellow toned golden glow. The packaging is just like ELF's studio blushers and reminds me a lot of NARS packaging. Talking about NARS, this blusher looks a lot like their Albatross highlighter. I don't have Albatross so I can't compare it.

There is plenty of pigment in this blusher, although the texture is quite powdery/chalky. Apart from the texture it does give a nice golden glow. I applied this on my cheeks and under my brows. Once it was on it didn't fade and didn't need reapplying, it stayed on all day. The texture was the only thing that could have been better, otherwise for £3.95 its not a bad highlighter to have.


  1. This is a lovely highlighter, it reminds of the Mac mineralise skinfinish x

  2. You look really lovely in your pictures. I'm scared to use highlighters, I'm just not very good at applying them but I might actually try this one, it's not a bad price!

    Dash xx
    Mode Lily

    1. Thanks, I used to be the same with them but just got used to using them x

  3. It like how it looks on you :-)

  4. I don't usually wear blushes as I don't think they suit my skin, but this ELF Gotta Glow Blush looks good! :) x

  5. I remember buying this particular product from ELF a while ago. I dont know if I had a dudd one but I just didnt get the colour payoff other people seem to get. It does look like a lovely highlight.

    Leanne x
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