Friday, 3 April 2015

Benefit Girl Meets Pearl

Girl Meets Pearl from Benefit has been around for some time now and is described a "liquid pearl for the face." It's basically soft gold pink liquid luminizer that can be worn under or over foundation, or on it's own. It comes in packaging similar to That Gal. The packaging is a lovely metallic pink color and has the most amazing scent to it. It smells a bit like raspberry to me, which is probably because raspberry is one of the ingredients in it. To open, you twist the bottom and product comes out the top. When I first used it I did have to twist quite a bit to get the color going, but once it's finally open product comes out with just one twist.

I wore this in two different ways. First way was after I had put my primer on, I got a foundation brush and applied this all over to my face. I didn't have to use a lot to cover my whole face, a small amount goes a long way. I then applied my foundation on top and then powdered. By applying it like this, you get a nice glow, even under foundation and powder. I loved how Girl Meets Pearl made my skin look, it looked even better in the sunlight.

The other way I applied was over foundation and powder and put a very small amount to any areas I wanted to glow. As this is a liquid product it is best to only use a very small amount. On top of powder, liquids/creams can go quite patchy so using a small amount helps to stop makeup going like that. I quite liked wearing it this way too, it gave my cheeks a nice glow.

Once it was on, it stayed on and kept my skin glowing all day long. It didn't dry my skin out either.


  1. It really does give you a lovely glow. :-) i've never heard of this product before.

    1. It's been around for some time now. Only just decided to try it out x

  2. Looks really lovely on you! love the packaging!!

  3. It really does have that glow to it :-)