Friday, 5 December 2014

Nails Inc Shoreditch High Street Crackle Nail Polish

Crackle nail polish has been around for some time, and I still like the look of it. Shoreditch High Street is a bright purple crackle effect polish from Nails Inc. I got this for £4.00 in TK Maxx.

The best way to wear these colors is to have a really pale color underneath. This is so the crackle shows up and doesn't get overpowered by a darker color. I wore NARS Ecume as my base color and applied this on top of it. The crackle appears almost immediately after applying it. I love applying the crackle and waiting to see how the effect turns out. I gave my nails two coats of crackle and it looked awesome. It dried in about a minute and didn't chip, it stayed on my nails for about a week.


  1. Great combo :-) I could never get tired of crackles either - they just look so amazing :-)

    1. The good thing about white is, it can go with any color x