Tuesday, 30 December 2014

Lime Crime New Yolk City Lipstick

I've always liked Lime Crime's color selection of lipsticks. They do regular colors like pink, but also do crazy colors like blue and green. I always like something different, and decided to try yellow as a lip color. 

New Yolk City is a banana yellow lipstick with a really nice creamy texture, similar to other Lime Crime lipsticks. It comes in lilac packaging with a unicorn on. The packaging is a bit like MAC's lipsticks, the same sort of shape but a bit wider. 

Yellow is usually a dodgy color. I've found most yellow eyeshadows to be difficult to build up and go a bit patchy. It was the same with this lipstick. It took me a number of applications to get an opaque finish. It went on smooth and didn't feel a bit sheer. It did need reapplying throughout the day. Yellow is not a color choice most people would go for on their lips. I say be daring and try this color out. It did go well with black eyeshadow. I love this color as it is such a different color and makes a change to pink.


  1. What a funky looking lippy :-)

    1. It's definitely a different color. Makeup Revolution do a yellow color but the texture of their lipsticks is not very good, they seem to have a slimy texture to them. x