Wednesday, 24 January 2018

Lush Snow Fairy Gift Set

Snow Fairy has to be one of Lush's most favorite scents. It comes out every year at Christmas as is always a best seller. After all, who doesn't love the amazing sweet scent of bubblegum. For Christmas, Santa brought me the Snow Fairy Gift Set, which came with 4 Snow Fairy goodies - Snow Fairy Shower Gel, Magic Wand Bubble Bar, Snow Fairy Body Conditioner and Snow Fairy Jelly Bomb.

Snow Fairy Jelly Bomb
The Jelly Bomb's from Lush are a fairly new product and are just like bath bombs but actually have jelly inside them. As soon as I dropped it into the water it started fizzing and foaming right away and gave out a very nice scent of Snow Fairy. At first the water went a cloudy grey with pink starting to appear. Halfway through, the pink began to foam out even more and in no time at all pink swirls started to appear in the water. As these do have the jelly in them the bath can be very slippery when getting in and do actually make the water feel like jelly.

Magic Wand Bubble Bar
This one is actually a reusable bubble bar. To use it, I held it under running water and just watched loads of Snow Fairy scented bubbles appear. I didn't have to hold it under for long to get loads of bubbles either, plus it also leaves a shimmer on the water.

Snow Fairy Shower Gel
This must be a Lush best seller as they bring it out every year and it also sells out too. I remember a few years ago they even released a 1L bottle of it. Great for those who love to hoard this stuff. I haven't even finished the bottle of it that I had. The one in this gift set is the small sized bottle, perfect for travel. Nothing beats the scent of Snow Fairy when having a shower.

Snow Fairy Body Conditioner
I'm not quite sure the correct way to use a body conditioner. Some use this in the shower, I prefer to use it as a body lotion as it makes my skin smell just like Snow Fairy. 

I just love this gift set and have enjoyed using the products in it. This is perfect for anyone who loves Snow Fairy.


  1. Wow that bomb really does make a beautiful sight in the bath. How funny that they make the water feel like jelly!

  2. What a lovely gift set. I love how pretty the jelly bomb makes the bath look. Snow Fairy is a firm favourite in our house too. We stock pile the shower gel so there's enough to last the year.

  3. Does the snow fairy smell a bit like sweets. I love Lush.

  4. I love the sound of these products, what a pretty gift set! Weird question but is the bath feeling a bit like jelly a nice feeling? Or is it a bit slimy and gross?? Haha

  5. I love Lush - and this scent is just gorgeous! What a lovely gift set. Kaz

  6. My teen daughter was delighted this last Christmas, because her brother bought her a some Snow Fairy products. She adores it. She was most delighted with the bathbomb, as she wasn't even aware they did one in this range. Have to say that when she has been in the bathroom the smell of Snow Fairy lingers for ages, and is really lovely.

  7. Ohh this lush set is so cute and perfect for a little down time and pampering. Went into lush this week and got a shampoo bar and massage bar - looking forward to using them

    Laura x

  8. Looks like the ideal set for snow fairy lovers. Love the colours it makes in the bath