Friday, 7 April 2017

MAC Color Rocker Lipsticks

Last month MAC brought out a limited edition collection of really bright lipsticks in some crazy colors. I'm a big fan of crazy colored lipsticks so when I saw the collection at MAC I was really excited. The collection has colors in every color imaginable and I really was spoilt for choice. The collection is called Color Rocker and features 28 different shades.

Here are the colors available

  • In The Spirit (Black)
  • In My Fashion (Darkened Chocolate Brown)
  • Digging It (Warm Brown)
  • Secret # (Dark Greyed Brown)
  • Cold Hard Cash (Creamy Neutral Brown)
  • Gritty Girl (Light Cool Brown)
  • Breathing Fire (Bright Warm Fuchsia)
  • Carmine Rouge (Red)
  • Bunnybeams (Pink Lavender Purple)
  • Evening Buzz (Greyed Lavender Purple)
  • Flatter Me Fierce (Blue Lavender Purple)
  • City Slick (Light Grey Beige)
  • Feeling Fizzy (Hot Pink)
  • Forbidden Sunrise (Orange)
  • Uncontrollable (Baked Orange)
  • Mud Wrestler (Neutral Beige)
  • Yellow You Dare (Yellow)
  • Darling Clementine (Electric Orange)
  • Deep With Envy (Forest Green)
  • Blue Bang (Bright Blue)
  • Show And Teal (Bright Green Blue Teal)
  • Instant Icon (Bright Baby Blue)
  • Jean Genie (Sky Blue)
  • Night Mint (Light Army Green)
  • Into The Madness (Bright Lime Green)
  • Indigo-Go (Cornflower Blue)
  • Matte Royal (Deep Blue)
  • Mean Green Machine (Green)
All colors are matte and all are limited edition apart from In The Spirit, In My Fashion and Matte Royal.

There were so many amazing colors to choose from and I chose 6 from the collection. This wasn't easy as there were a lot more I liked too. Colors I went for were Blue Bang, Jean Genie, Instant Icon, Flatter Me Fierce, Bunnybeams and Deep With Envy.

Blue Bang, Jean Genie, Instant Icon, Flatter Me Fierce, Bunnybeams, Deep With Envy

All of the colors looked amazing on and were very pigmented. They didn't have a dry texture or dry my lips out, even though they were a matte. Some mattes can be very dry, not these ones. They stayed on all day too and didn't really need reapplying, with the exception of Instant Icon. For some reason that color seemed to fade.

For someone who loves color, this collection was right up my street. Out of all the colors I didn't really have a favorite as they all looked fab.

Blue Bang
Deep With Envy
Flatter Me Fierce
Instant Icon
Jean Genie


  1. Wow these shades are so bright!
    I recently dyed my hair pink, so I'd love to see how that looks with blue lipstick :)

    Dani x

  2. These are some poppy vibrant colors just in time for summer! MAC makes the dopest products.

  3. Wow what lovely colors I can't see myself being daring enough to try them though.

  4. These colours are so bright and vibrant, they look great!

  5. Oh wow these colours are bright! But they look fab on you! x

  6. Wow! They are eye catching. I don't think I could pull off the blue but I do like the purple!

  7. These are so you!! I do love a MAC lipstick, I think I own the majority of their nudes... a bit different to these colours! :)

  8. I can understand your excitement at the release of this MAC collection of colours as I know how much you like your brightly coloured lipsticks. You pull these colours off really well x

  9. These are some great colours! I'm not brave enough to wear anything but nudes, but maybe one day I'll pick one of these up.

  10. These are very vibrant which is great because not always easy to find, I want to try Bunnybeams

  11. Ooh envy is a gorgeous shade it reminds me of a serpent. I love it x

  12. wow they really are pigmented- I would have assumed the colour wouldn't transfer as well as it has!

  13. Gorgeous colours, they are very vibrant and colourful! :)

  14. I much prefer matte lipsticks so these are just great. That Deep with envy looks really good on you!

  15. So many colours to choose from! Such bright and well pigmented colours too, could really do with a few of these in my collection!

  16. Such vibrant colours - wish I could pull off something like this!

  17. These are bold and pretty :-D

  18. whah the shades are so bright but you rock them!

  19. Oh wow loving all of these different shades and what a Cool collection - are you going to try and get all 28? Love the red and blues

    Laura x

    1. I would have loved all 28 colors, but the collection is now sold out x

  20. This collection is perfect for you. They are a bit too bright for me. X

    1. You should try them, they are really fun colors x