Friday, 3 June 2016

NYX Liquid Suede

One lip product I'm loving at the moment is Liquid Suede from NYX. These are basically liquid/cream lipsticks and they come in an amazing range of colors. I love my brights and there are plenty of stand out colors to choose from. I got the colors - Amethyst (Neon Purple), Pink Lust (Hot Pink) and Sway (Lavender).

Liquid Suede is available in more than 12 colors, glides on a dries to a matte finish. 

Amethyst, Sway, Pink Lust


I am totally in love with this product. The pigment is incredible and unlike some lipsticks you can actually apply one coat to your lips and the color looks intense already. Once dry, they don't actually feel like a lipstick on and even though they give a matte finish, my lips didn't dry out and this is coming from a person who has quite dry lips.

To apply you just glide the color on using the applicator. It's one of those doe  foot ones which allows for easy application. I much prefer one of these applicators to one of those brush ones that come with the Kylie Jenner ones.

The staying power is awesome too and once on they stay on and don't need reapplying. Words cannot describe how amazing this product is. 

So here are the colors.



Pink Lust


  1. Whoah, I think they're a bit bright for me, but I only wear natural stuff anyway. But I'm sure these are definitely fun for a night out. They certainly look like the pigment would last well too.

  2. I recently started to buy Kylie Jenner lip kit and love the liquid lip products and they dry perfectly. Will have to try this. Thank you for the tips.

    1. I don't think much of the Kylie Jenner lip kits, they are just repackaged from another brand plus the applicator is just crap. There are far better products around, besides for the price you pay for some sub standard product of hers you could actually buy a proper brand like Dior, NARS or YSL for the same price x

  3. Yeeeess! I love the Liquid Sued range! Sway looks gorgeous on you and I've been considering getting that shade next. I think you've just sealed the deal for me haha!


  4. What striking looks! I don't know if I could get away with the purple but I've been looking for a bright pink for ages and this looks great.

  5. That's great that they have staying power as a lot of them don't. Wish I could pull vibrant colours like this off x