Saturday, 4 October 2014

Lush Christmas Blogger Event 2014

Last night I got invited to Lush's Christmas Blogger event in Cardiff. It was basically an event to show us bloggers all the new products that are released for Christmas.

When I got to the store we were free to move around and check out all the new products. I get really excited for Christmas collections and products, there is always something new out and very often best selling products get brought out again.

Staff in Lush were happy to help with the new products as well as do demos with some of the shower and bath products. I had a lot of fun looking at all the new bath ballistics. My favorite out of them was the Luxury Lush Pud. It's this pink one that actually makes your hands pink if you put them in the water right away. Fortunately the staining isn't permanent and does wash off.

The great thing about blogger events is the amount of pictures you can take. All of the Christmas products were out so I began snapping away.

My favorite Lush shower gel for Christmas is Snow Fairy and its back this Christmas.

A lot of bath melts and bath ballistics have been released for Christmas. Isn't this hedgehog bath melt the cutest.

Check out all of this water. The colors these bath ballistics give off is awesome. Just be careful not to put your hands in the Luxury Lush Pud too soon or you will get pink hands

Upstairs I was shown two Christmas cleansers as well other seasonal skincare products. The two cleansers were Buche De Noel and Let The Good Times Roll. Out of the two, Let The Good Times Roll was my favorite, it actually contains pieces of popcorn in it.

There was also an orange scented dusting powder called First Snow that leaves a really nice shimmer on your skin.

Downstairs you can find Lush's selection of gifts as well as festive lip scrubs and soaps.

I decided to buy some items - Let The Good Times Roll, Luxury Lush Pud and Northern Lights. Lush also put together a goodie bag for everyone who came to the event. Lush do their goodie bags really well, they don't just give out samples but actual sized products. I got Candy Mountain Bubble Bar, Hot Toddy Shower Gel and Father Christmas bath ballistic. 

I enjoyed the event and had a great time. Thanks Lush



  1. Oh my god that sounded amazing :-D Great photos as well.

    I do like Snow Fairy, I'll need to get another this year :-D

    1. Thanks, I cant wait to try my new stuff out, especially those bath bombs x