Saturday, 21 June 2014

MAC Peaches And Cream Blusher

The new MAC Sharon And Kelly Osbourne collection is now available so I decided to pick up a blusher from the collection. I went into the MAC store in Cardiff to get this as it had sold out online. The blusher is from Sharon's collection and is called Peaches And Cream.

First thing I noticed about this collection is the packaging. It's all limited edition red or lilac with either Sharon or Kelly's signature on it. The packaging of this one is bright red and has a nice glossy feel to it.

Peaches And Cream is a midtone peach/midtone rose powder blush. It was £23.00, a bit more than regular priced MAC blushers. I'm guessing it's more because it's limited edition. 

The pigment in this blusher is really good and to get the colour showing up on my cheeks didn't take long. It had a nice texture to it and didn't feel chalky or powdery when applying it. This is one of those blushers that you don't have to press your brush into to get the colour to show up, I found it was good to gently pat the brush into the colour. It also gave my cheeks a really nice pink glow which looked fab. The colour stayed on all day too and didn't need reapplying. 



  1. I think it has a nice glow to it :-)

    They always seem to charge more for "limited editions" huh? Lol.

  2. It's only the limited edition collections with different packaging. You can't use pro discount on those either x

  3. Dying to try this collection. Looks so nice and pigmented x

  4. The lipsticks and blushers are really good, i dunno about the other products I haven't tried them. If you want anything from this collection be quick cause its all selling out x